Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Alleges Yokozuna’s Envy Towards Him

In a recent revelation, former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson shed light on the tension that existed between him and the late Yokozuna when he entered the company as the first African-American Intercontinental Champion in October 1995. Johnson’s RAW debut was nothing short of extraordinary as he quickly made an impact by executing a bodyslam on the former WWF Champion.

During an interview on “The Ten Count” podcast, Johnson openly discussed the strained dynamics with Yokozuna, suggesting that the latter appeared to be envious of his arrival in the company. The situation was further exacerbated by the bodyslam incident, which did not help in improving their relationship. Johnson explained that he was following the instructions given by Vince McMahon to execute the bodyslam on Yokozuna during a run-in. Despite not having a say in the matter, Johnson had to comply with the directive.


“When I got to the big show, Vince called me and said, ‘I want you to go down, do a run-in, and bodyslam Yoko.’ He didn’t ask me, could I? He just said, ‘I want you to.’ So I went to Yoko and told Yoko that Vince wants me to slam you and Yoko was very jealous of me at that time because he said, ‘I came from nowhere and ended up on the top of the card.’ Yoko said, ‘Well I hope you can get me up because I’m not going to jump for you.’ I was like, ‘Damn. It’s like that, huh?’ So when I got to the ring, I was so fired up, man. It took everything I had to get him up and over, but I did it.”

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