Latest Injury Updates: Wheeler Yuta, Jamie Hayter, Thunder Rosa, Santana, & Dante Martin in AEW

According to Dave Meltzer’s latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are several injury updates for AEW wrestlers, including Wheeler Yuta, Jamie Hayter, Thunder Rosa, Santana, and Dante Martin.

Wheeler Yuta suffered a partially torn hamstring before the Blood & Guts match last week.

As for Jamie Hayter, it’s believed that she won’t be medically cleared in time for next month’s All In event at Wembley Stadium. Her recovery timeline remains uncertain.

Thunder Rosa has been training in San Antonio, Texas, under former WWE wrestler Funaki’s guidance for her potential return from a spinal-related injury.

Santana is making progress in his training and is expected to return from his knee injury soon. Additionally, Santana and Ortiz appear to be back together as a tag team, as indicated on AEW’s official roster page.

Regarding Dante Martin, there have been positive reports about his recovery, but specific details have been scarce. He’s been healing ahead of schedule from a broken ankle and lower leg injury.

These updates shed some light on the wrestlers’ current conditions, but they are subject to change as recoveries progress. AEW continues to monitor and provide the necessary support for their safe return to the ring.

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